Nature Prescriptions

Everyday Nature Prescriptions

The remedy is all around you.

This is ideal if you want to schedule something shorter than a full walk. I’ve designed Everyday Nature Prescriptions to help you connect to the natural world right where you are. The prescriptions are designed to be incorporated into your day. They are not effort full or regimented but over time are done with ease. You’ll experience the therapeutic benefits and pleasures of connecting to an amazing world that’s been there all along. You’ll feel more calm, relaxed, attentive and happier.
Everyday Nature Prescriptions are natural remedies for the common maladies of living in a modern stress-state and techno-stress. Including Nature and Forest Therapy and Everyday Nature Prescriptions in the line of care may provide health restoring and wellness promoting benefits.
Everyday Nature Prescriptions are usually 45 minutes long for the first outing. Three to four subsequent shorter sessions are needed to establish your practice. Ongoing check-up’s are highly beneficial. Participating in Nature and Forest Therapy walks and doing Everyday Nature Prescriptions are recommended for optimal benefit.