Forest Walks

What to Expect

Walks last 1 ½  – 2 hours or longer depending on the size of the group. We walk gently, slowly, quietly on mostly flat terrain. It’s not exercise, mindfulness, meditation or a nature walk. It is it’s own unique therapeutic practice.

The walk is divided into sections that last between 15-20 minutes. For each section I present an “invitation”’ for you to enter in and connect to nature in a deep, sensory way. For most people this is a new experience, even if they’ve spent a lot a time outdoors. You will experiences the pleasures of disconnecting from the thinking and doing of our human world and connecting and being in the natural world. We will come into a close relationship with nature and feel the physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

I conduct walks in beautiful, tucked away forest sites in Greenville and Blowing Rock, NC. I also conduct walks in an amazing site with a rare eco-system situated in the middle of Wilmington, NC, a surprising place to discover the unique presence of nature. These are ideal locations to connect with nature that I know you will enjoy.